The truth about sports, nutrition and pain!




I am a physical therapist/ personal trainer and have done this kind of work for the last 9 years. During these 9 years I have lived in 3 different countries: Spain, Germany and Belgium. Wherever I lived,  I always noticed that I would  get asked the same questions every time I introduced myself to someone…¨ohh you are personal trainer, how can I get rid of this extra fat¨, or ¨how can I  gain more muscle¨, or¨you are a physical therapist?…well, I have a pain here¨….. .  Most of the time I would give them an answer but to my surprise many of them would say ¨well my trainer says something else¨, or ,¨I read in such and such magazine that you have to do this and that to get bigger¨, or ¨my physical therapist says something else¨. That is when I would ask to myself ¨why the hell did they ask me in the first place if they already have the answer?¨ But I guess that is human nature, we want as much information as possible. And that is one thing we have too much of today… INFORMATION.

So this blog consists of trying to tell the ¨truth¨ and dismantle some myths that exist in these different areas. I may not always be right, as a lot of what we think today may be proven wrong in a couple of months. But I will try to keep up with the latest scientific research.

Anyone interested in hiring my services or who has any questions can write to me at Pedcarnicero @

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